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A pump efficiency test measures various aspects of the pump's operation including:

  • Water flow rate
  • Pumping lift (or inlet pressure)
  • Pump discharge pressure
  • Energy input to the pumping plant

The overall pumping efficiency is determined by comparing the energy input to the pump versus the "water horsepower" developed by the pump.  The water horsepower is related to the pump flow and total dynamic head (pumping lift and discharge pressure) in the system.

Regular pump testing provides important information in order to:

  • Identify problems before a breakdown occurs
  • Perform an objective economic analysis about retrofitting and repairing
  • Establish a baseline of performance on new pumps

How to get a pump test explains the process of obtaining a test from the list of participating pump testers.

More information is available in the APEP brochure "Pump Efficiency Tests."


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